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Ceiling Recessed Air Conditioner & Cooling Systems:
JC Mechanical offers sales, service, installation and repair of all major commercial and residential ceiling recessed air conditioner & cooling systems: Specializing in Trane. JC Mechanical can also install, service and repair all other types of ceiling recessed systems not listed here. Feel free to contact us for information about your type or brand.
About Ceiling Recessed Air Conditioner & Cooling Systems:
Ceiling recessed air conditioners and heat pumps offer the utmost in versatility in solving your cooling and heating needs. Ceiling recessed units are the ideal solution for rooms, shops or offices without false ceilings. Since they are installed directly against the ceiling they do not take up any floor or wall space. These indoor units are ideal for uniform air distribution in large spaces because of their long air throw.

The use of recessed type air conditioning units predominates over packaged air conditioners in stores, covering many applications from small shops and restaurants to offices and whole buildings.

The conventional recessed type unit is equipped with directional air outlets and varying cooling capacities. Recessed units come in a wide range of sizes and cooling capabilities. Contact us today for a full evaluation of your air conditioning needs.