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Air Conditioning and Cooling Systems:
JC Mechanical offers sales, service, installation and repair of all major commercial and residential air condition and cooling systems and specializing in Trane Cooling Systems. JC Mechanical can also install, service and repair all other types of cooling systems not listed here. Feel free to contact us for information about your type or brand.
Split Systems
Wall Mount Air Conditioner & Cooling Systems
Ceiling Recessed Air Conditioner & Cooling Systems
Ceiling Suspended Air Conditioner & Cooling Systems
Dual Purpose Air Conditioner & Cooling Systems
Geothermal Cooling Systems

Satisfied Customer:
Same day service even on a holiday weekend! They actually arrived at the specified time (not within a 4 hour window like other companies). First-rate service with a smile and explained everything first so that I could easily understand them. Prompt, courteous and very professional. I would not hesitate to call them again or recommend them. K. Schepis NY

Trane Commercial Roof System

Wall Mount Air Cooling System

Trane Commercial Split System

Trane Residential Split System