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Satisfied Customer:
It was a cold winter morning and my furnace was not working. I called for service and JC Mechanical was here within 15 minutes! There was even a follow-up visit the next day! I would recommend this company to everyone.
S. Langiewicz • Corfu NY

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Geothermal Systems:
JC Mechanical offers sales, service, installation and repair of all major commercial and residential Geothermal heating and cooling systems. JC Mechanical can also install, service and repair all other types of geothermal systems not listed here. Feel free to contact us for information about your type or brand.
About Geothermal Systems:
Geothermal heat pump technology is one of the fastest growing HVAC systems available today. It is also a trend towards more efficient and environmentally friendly ways to heat and cool our buildings. Geothermal systems are widely used in both residential and commercial buildings where clean, reliable, and efficient comfort conditioning is desired.

Geothermal heat pumps utilize the natural properties of the earth to provide heating and cooling to a building. Heat addition and rejection take place below the ground, inside hundreds of feet of high-density environmentally safe pipe known as a 'ground-loop. Fluid is circulated through the ground loop and into geothermal units. The geothermal heat pump simply amplifies and  directs the conditioned air into the desired location.

Heat is continually supplied to the ground in the form of solar energy. Approximately 46% of the Sun's energy is absorbed by the earth. The remaining 54% is either reflected back into space or absorbed by the earth's atmosphere. AT a depth of approximately 15 feet the ground temperature remains fairly constant with an average temperature of 42 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit year round (depending on the region of the country, terrain and soil type.

Geothermal systems are able to effectively, and efficiently utilize the natural heating and cooling of the earth to bring warm or cool air into our buildings, saving us the unnecessary expenditure of energy thereby reducing energy costs.

Additional benefits include supplemental hot water that is made available for use in any number of ways.

How Geothermal Heating Works

How Geothermal Cooling Works

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